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Hatsuhana Japanese Restaurant

About Us

kanji hatsuhana
If you have ever had amazing sushi, you know it is all about attention to detail. It is not something we try to achieve, but an obvious necessity and something we are obsessed about. The ideal sushi rice in all its complexity, freshly ground wasabi that will make your taste buds tingle when you smell its enticing fragrance, and the freshest fish from around the globe. We combine these building blocks with intangible ingredients such as passion, dedication, liveliness and heart, in order to capture the essence of sushi and serve it to you with pride. 

When the journey of Hatsuhana started over three decades ago, our mission was to introduce unsurpassed sushi and sashimi to New Yorkers. That mission still remains unchanged. We believe every restaurant should have something special they offer, and since 1976 we have been a sushi specialty restaurant. This means we maintain our original focus on excel at what matters most – the perfect sushi. 

Sushi as a cuisine seems simple, and conceptually, it is. However, this simplicity also creates complexity. Our approach is a “no gimmicks, no frills” approach to sushi, which seems to be a rarity these days. Hatsuhana honors and salutes centuries-old methods used by the best sushi shops and chefs in Japan. Dine with us and we will show you what that means.
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